The Diva’s Daily Dish

Every DIVA needs healthy food to fuel the fire. Check in here for my daily inspiration – either something I’ve eaten or want to eat. À votre santé! (That’s French for “To your health!”)

Hmm. It seems that I’m not as smart about WordPress as I’d thought. Someday, when I have 5 minutes, I’ll figure out how to post to a page that is not my homepage. Until then, here are my Daily Dishes for the last two days:

6/3/14: My morning smoothie. I can’t get enough of it. (Well, I can, because it’s incredibly filling.) I use a NutriBullet and can’t remember life before it. I pack the large cup half-full with dinosaur kale, throw in 1/4 of an avocado (or 1/2 of a frozen banana, when I’m not watching my sugar so intently/intensely), a handful of frozen blueberries or other berry, a handful of cashews (I make my smoothies like I cook – I hardly ever measure), a scoop of vanilla Vega protein powder, a few generous shakes of both turmeric and cinnamon, some Reuteri probiotics, a good healthy squeeze of organic flax seed oil, and some unsweetened almond or coconut milk. Put it together and what have you got? Bibideebobbideeboo! (Or however you spell it.) (Hang on – now I have to look it up…thank you for holding. Wikipedia says it’s “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.”) I wish I could post a picture, but I drank it.

6/4/14: Improvised chicken-Brussels sprout stir-fry. I bought some beautiful organic chicken breasts at Whole Foods the other day, cut them into small pieces, heated a bit of olive oil in a medium frying (next time I’ll try it with coconut oil, which is highly resistant to oxidation at high heats – much more than olive oil, but my husband isn’t crazy about the taste…baby steps), sprinkled some Adobo in, and cooked it while I was prepping my sprouts. To do that, I cut the ends off the sprouts, peeled off the outer layer(s), and halved them, top to bottom. Once you’ve cut about 80% of your sprouts, heat a bit of oil (enough to lightly cover the bottom of the pan — too much oil makes ’em slimy) in a large sauté pan and get your spatter guard ready. Add the sprouts to the oil, try to arrange them flat-side down, cover them over medium-high heat, and let ’em go. In about 5-7 minutes, they’ll have turned a brighter shade of green, steamed slightly from being covered by the spatter guard (which also, importantly, protects your beautiful face from being burned by molten-lava-hot oil!), and the bottoms will have begun to caramelize. (This is the best part.) Sprinkle some Adobo on the sprouts (or you can use other seasonings if you prefer), toss in the chicken, and let them combine for a few minutes, then serve ’em up! The hubs had his over jasmine rice and mixed in some soy sauce; I had my “Chicken Sprouts” straight up. And they were delish!

6/24/14: the Salad Bar at Whole Foods. Seems like no big deal, right? Well, while I was in Evanston, IL for a voice seminar at Northwestern (blogpost to follow on that miraculous event), I made good use of the salad bar at the nearby Whole Foods. Lots of fresh leafy greens, a bit of tuna or pulled chicken, fresh mushrooms, black beans, and a lovely quinoa salad (until I decided midweek to give up grains), some red onion, avocado (they didn’t have the avocado straight, but had a nice avo-kale salad that I threw into the mix), with olive oil and Bragg’s amino acids. Simple, clean, delicious food. I used to hit up the Indian food at the hot food bar, but always spent a fortune because they sell by weight, and brown rice, chana masala and vegetable samosas are heavy! Now, eating all these amazing greens, I’m spending an average of $7-8, even though I’m back in NYC. Not too shabby!

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